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Давайте познакомимся: меня зовут Алёна Сытник. Этот блог – своеобразный сборник заметок о жизни за границей, о методиках преподавания и самоорганизации, об отношениях и саморазвитии. Собственно, это все то, что волнует меня саму, и о чем я бы хотела поговорить. "Думать без границ" - это слоган моего университета и мой девиз по жизни. Мне важно знать, что мои мысли находят отклик и что я могу кому-то помочь, поэтому я буду рада комментариям, вопросам и предложениям. Sind Sie neugierig geworden? Добро пожаловать!

Travel guide to Zurich: interesting places and tourist attraction

What first thoughts come to your mind when you think of Switzerland? Even without travel guide to Zurich you will surely think of cheese, watches, banks, chocolate and crazy prizes for everything. Swiss people are also famous for their precision, perfectionism and punctuality. What else would you expect from people who produce watches? 

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Professional Curriculum Vitae With Experience From Student Initiatives

While writing a CV we usually try to describe how cool we are, adding a lot of soft skills and working experiences, which not always seem to be relevant for a position you are applying for, but make your CV longer. According to recent studies, your resume has only six seconds to make an impression before a Human Resources Responsible makes the initial “fit/no fit” decision. That means prioritising information is essential.

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German etiquette

I recently offended a Swiss person by saying that his German (Hochdeutsch) is bad. Right after that I claimed loudly at the street that the food in Zurich looks funny and likely not tasty and then interrupted a shop assistant who promoted me new cosmetic products by saying that I do not need them. My friend who was lucky to witness most of my fails meant that I am being super rude and ignorant to other people. That made me dig deeply into cultural understanding of politeness since I honestly couldn’t understand how on Earth I can look arrogant if I always care about other people’s feeling more than about my own.

Here is the list of my personal observations about German understanding of politeness. Take out salt of there – remember it’s all written by an evil Ukrainian who smiles only to her friends.

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What you should know about chinese people

Chinese people are so much different from Europeans or Americans by culture, appearance, mentality and worldview. All white people look just the same for them (actually like all Asians look the same for us) and as for black-skinned people, so chinese are either afraid or want to touch them (with blondes they do that too quite often, believe me).

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